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AngularJS Training

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Course Duration

10 week

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Course Description

DURATION: 6 weeks

MODE OF TRAINING: Classroom/Online

LEVEL: Advanced


Angular Js is a structural framework for creating a dynamic web pages and web applications. AngularJS is one of the open source web application frameworks for JavaScript which are generally used to add an HTML page with a tag. AngularJS’s main goal is to simplify application development and test performance by providing a framework called MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. It Allows the application to change from a large amount of programming code to a simple coding.

Being a developer looking for best Angular training? Annex IT ’s Angular JS training is the best choice. This training empower you master front-end web development with Angular. This training gives you the canonical guidance to learn in-depth knowledge TypeScript, Bootstrap , Dependency Injections, SPA (Single Page Application), Directives, Forms, Pipes, Promises, Observables, and understand the testing of Angular 4 class.

Why Annex IT ?

Annex IT is the Best Angular Js Training Institute. We can proudly say that the students trained at our institute have a good command of the subject from those trained elsewhere. Courses covering all topics are provided to help students learn better. Perform regular tasks and daily assessments to help improve their technical skills. A good learning environment, regular attendance and well-indexed training procedures are key features of the Annex IT Angular js training in Hyderabad.


  • Decrease the amount of coding you write to build rich user interface applications.
  • Expand the maintainability and reliability of UI by using data binding
  • Recover Data from back-end server, manipulate it, Control It and display it with ease.
  • Easy to Create Single Page Applications (SPA)

    TIBCO BWCE Course Curriculum

    • Angular 2+
    • Introduction To Angular
    • Application Architectural view
    • Angular Services
    • HTTP,Error Handling
    • Angular Forms ,Directives and Pipes

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Course Features

  • Duration 60h
  • Max Students Unlimited
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Advance
  • Category Programming

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