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Python Flask Training

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Course Duration

10 week

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Course Description

DURATION: 6 weeks

MODE OF TRAINING: Classroom/Online

LEVEL: Advanced

Course Description

A micro-web framework written in Python, Flask is a BSD license. It was developed by Armin Ronacher and Pocco, an international group of Python enthusiasts. It is based on the Werkzeug toolkit and the Jinja2 template engine. The latest stable version, version 1.0, was released in April 2018. The main applications that use it are Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the Flask community page.

Pre Requisites

  • Anyone with a basic knowledge of Python programming can take Flask. Exposure to other web application programs can also become the starting point for Flask’s learning
  • Must have basic knowledge of HTML and Python programming language.

    Python Flask Course Curriculum

    • What is Python
    • Overview of Python with Flask
    • Overview of Python with Robot Framework (Automation Testing)

    • Install and configure in Windows Platform
    • Add to System path
    • Working on Python Terminal
    • Install PIP

    • Download and Installation
    • Configuring with Python Plugin (Pydev)
    • Setting the Editor
    • Working on Python Console
    • Ease of working on IDE

    • Difference between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Orchestration
    • First step to coding
    • Variable and Assignments
    • Built-in Data Structures
    • Lists and its methods
    • Tuple and its methods
    • List Vs Tuple
    • Set, Dictionary and string
    • Slicing

    • If, elif, else, for
    • Break, continue
    • Default Arguments, Keyword Arguments and Lambda Expressions
    • List Comprehensions
    • Python Functions
    • Python Modules
    • Python Packages
    • List Comprehensions
    • Filter, map and reduce Functions

    • Inheritance
    • Class
    • Objects
    • Magic functions
    • Generators
    • Iterators

    What is a Web framework?

    • What is Flask
    • WSGI
    • Werkzeug
    • Jinja2

    • Prerequisite
    • Install Flask on windows
    • Code Structure of flask framework
    • In- Built Server of flask
    • Add to System path
    • Configure in IDE

    • How a Flask App Works
    • Initialization
    • Routing and View Functions
    • Server Startup
    • Basic App Demo

    • Jinja2 template Engine
    • Rendering Templates
    • Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Flask-Bootstrap
    • Custom Error Pages
    • Creating HTML Templates
    • Adding more HTML pages
    • Links
    • Static files
    • Localization of Dates and Time with Flask-Moment

    • CSRF Protection
    • Form classes
    • HTML rendering of Forms
    • Form handling in View Functions
    • Redirect and User Sessions
    • Message Flashing

    • SQL or NoSQL
    • Flask-SQLAlchemy
    • Model Definition
    • Relationships
    • CRUD Operations
    • Database use in View function
    • Flask-Migrate

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Course Features

  • Duration 60h
  • Max Students Unlimited
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Advance
  • Category Programming

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