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MicroServices for .NET Developers

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Course Duration

10 week

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Course Description


MODE OF TRAINING: Classroom/Online

LEVEL: Advanced

    MicroServices for .NET Course Curriculum

    • Different layers of application development
    • Productivity issues with the current way of development
    • Lack of flexibility and crude ways of feature enhancements and its side effects

    • Pitfalls of existing application design and architecture
    • What are microservices?
    • Why did the need for microservices arise?
    • Birds eye view of microservices
    • Quick talk about Dotnet(.net) web services
    • Quick discussion about IAS worker process

    • Microservices architecture
    • How do we implement microservices
    • Introduction to node.js
    • Developing application using node.js
    • Using node API features
    • Design microservices architecture using node.js

    • How to organize the application?
    • Getting the right balance in developing microservices
    • What is a Container?
    • Why did someone come up with an idea of containers?
    • Comparison and different ways to handle containers

    • What is Docker?
    • How is Docker designed?
    • Getting started with Docker
    • Installing Docker
    • Running your first Docker application
    • Building your Dockerfile
    • Developing more features in your container application
    • Understanding major components of Docker

    • Working with Registries
    • Docker networking
    • Making connections between multiple containers
    • Calling containers for communications
    • Running containers with in containers
    • Troubleshooting

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Course Features

  • Duration 60h
  • Max Students Unlimited
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Advance
  • Category Programming

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