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UI Development Training

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Course Duration

10 week

About Annex IT

Annex IT is a leading e-learning platform providing live instructor-led interactive online training. We

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Course Description

DURATION: 6 weeks

MODE OF TRAINING: Classroom/Online

LEVEL: Advanced

Course Introduction

UI/UX is an art of covering the complete look and experience of a website and its design. It is the planning and developing of web pages on the World Wide Web and delivering it to the target audience, i.e., the visitors. UI stands for user interface & UX stands for user experience. The commitments of UI UX designer contains Competitor analysis, Product improvement, Wire creating, Prototyping, Customer Research, Assessment, Design planning, UI Prototyping, Animation consequences etc.

Requirements to Learn UI Development Course:

  • Anybody with a graduation
  • Awareness to use computer
  • Simple coding abilities

UI Training course Features:

  • Offering online, a classroom for UI/UX program
  • Training with live projects from day one.
  • Up-to-date web template modules & curriculum is paying attention to current market requirements.

    UI Development Course Curriculum

    • HTML Basics
    • HTML5 Introduction
    • HTML5 Syntax and Semantics
    • HTML5 Canvas
    • HTML5 SVG
    • HTML5 Drag/Drop
    • HTML5 Geolocation
    • HTML5 Video
    • HTML5 Audio
    • CSS
    • Cascading and Inheritance in CSS
    • CSS and the Box Model
    • Styling Text with CSS
    • Layout with CSS
    • Javascript
    • Data Type
    • DOM,Functions,Conditional statements
    • Object,Window object Document object Arrays
    • Advanced JavaScript,Code Quality and debugging

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Course Features

  • Duration 60h
  • Max Students Unlimited
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Advance
  • Category Programming

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